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Title: The Withering
Year of release: 2022
Record Label: Funere

  1. Stellar Runaway
  2. Lead Clouds
  3. The Dance Of Moons
  4. Dawn Of Misery
  5. Fractured
  6. Translucid Remains
  7. Sun Of Ebony
  8. Nothing But Pain
  9. The Reversal
  10. Martyrdom Of Light
Title: Redemption
Year of release: 2014.
Record Label: House of Ashes

  1. No Words Needed
  2. A Path To Deliverance
  3. Intra Nebulam MMXIV
  4. Absence Of Truth
Title: Negation of Life
Year of release: 2011.
Record Label: Bad Moon Man Music / Solitude Productions

  1. Even A God Can Die 
  2. Skilled Nihilism
  3. Adversus Pugna Tenebras
  4. Negation Of Life
  5. November Cries
  6. Shimmering Divinity
  7. Through A Raindrop
  8. Celestial
  9. Nulla Religio, Solum Veritas
Title: Tragedy & Moon
Year of release: 2008.
Record Label: none

  1. Anger Within
  2. Intra Nebulam
  3. Terrae Filius
  4. Extremus Illae Spiritus
  5. Lux Alba
  6. Tear Slave
  7. Soil In Blood
  8. Tragedy & Moon
Title: Demo
Year of release: 2006.
Record Label: none

  1. November Cries
  2. Breathless Solitude
  3. Tale In The Mist
  4. As In Pain As In Shadows
  5. Her Dying Passion