• Dawn Of Misery video lyric

    We have added to our YouTube Channel a new video lyric. It’s “Dawn Of Misery” song:

  • The Dance Of Moons videl lyric premiere

    On December 14th, Friedhof Magazine premiered the last promo video for the upcoming “The Withering” that will be released next January 14th, 2022 via Funere.

    This is the video:
  • Sun Of Ebony video lyric premiere

    Last November 10th, Decibel Magazine premiered the second track of “The Withering” album. The song is called “Sun Of Ebony”.

    This is what Decibel Magazine’s Sean Frasier wrote:

    The lyric video for “Sun of Ebony” is a winter walk towards the apocalypse. Synths soar over the crunch of the guitars as dark melodies lure listeners into the blizzard. Like the music video, the song has splashes of color: lachrymose harmonized guitars, the formidable roar of Juanma B and the lachrymose harmonized guitars between him and fellow founding guitarist Jorge A. The pensive rhythms create an unrushed march into the grave.

    Watch the video at our official YouTube Channel
  • Fractured – Song Premier with video lyrics

    “Fractured” song premiere is available.

  • The Withering – New Album

    Today we are proud to announce you that our brand new album, “The Withering”, will be out next January 14th via Funere Label….BUT, today at 8 AM Pacific Time (17:00 Madrid/Paris/Berlin Time), the video lyric of the song “Fractured” will be premiered by the amazing webportal @NO CLEAN SINGING ( Don’t miss the chance to listen to our new music. You have been waiting years for this…